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Families and Friends Tap into Technology to Share Stories

(ARA) - There's a communication revolution happening where it would least be expected. It's not in America's corporate offices but on the desktops of grandmas, sisters, uncles and best friends. Families and friends across the country have tapped into technology to keep and stay connected.

At first, it was a quick email to say "hello." Today, these pleasant greetings have taken on a whole new form. Almost four out of ten (38 percent) respondents of the survey have sent or received photos via email. From e-mailing new baby photos to creating family reunion Web sites, more and more families are finding unique ways to share their cherished experiences.

"It is no longer uncommon to regularly receive images of family members or friends that live across country," said Michael J. Smith, president and CEO of "As one of six children, I too have had the chance to stay connected with siblings through today's technology."

Based upon his own use of the Internet and knowledge of available technology, Smith recommends a variety of ways to share memories with family and friends online.

Email Across the Miles - One of todays most popular and easiest ways to share special moments is through email. Users can scan in images and attach them to an email to be delivered across the miles.

See Me on CD - Many photo developers now offer the option of having images developed onto CD-ROM. In this digital format, photos and images can be shared through email or even by presenting the CD as a gift.

Sketch It Out - The best way to capture the entire story is to use a variety of memorabilia including photos, audio, journal entries and other documentation such as cards and event tickets. offers the most unique capabilities for sharing family memorabilia online. Users are able to store and create SketchBooks - multimedia keepsakes - which can either be viewed online or made into a CD-Rom.

Web Page Pro - Designing and hosting a personal Web site is only for the seasoned web pro. However, some Web sites offer tools to build a personal site without any knowledge of complex programming. While this can be a creative way to showcase and update information, it is important to remember that many sites can be accessed by the general public and some sites host personal pages for a limited time.

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