Working at Home and Keeping the Children Occupied...How?
Published By: Janice Byer

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Date Submitted: 02/17/2000

WAHM is the abbreviation for Work At Home Mom, but they are more than just 4 little letters. They represent a new career title, and for those of us who are work at home moms or dads (WAHD), we love the fact that we are recognized for being both entrepreneurs and parents.

Being there for the children is great but sometimes they want more attention than you can give them, especially when an important project is due.

So, what do you do with them? They could watch television, but you don't want them glued to the tube all day. If you're lucky, you have a pet they can play with or plenty of toys in each room of the house. But this still isn't always enough

Children need to interact with other children and, as a WAHM, I need some quiet time too.

In my community of Caledon East, there are several very good daycare centers which I could enroll Megan in. The program she loves to attend is Friends At Play, a fabulous program made available by the Town of Caledon Parks and Recreation Department.

In this program, the children do crafts, sing songs, play games and thoroughly enjoy just being together. The teachers are terrific and are always advising the parents of any fabulous feat their child accomplished or any dirty deed they may had performed. All in all, this program is great for both the children and the parents. I can arrange meetings while she is in 'school'. I even have clients who want me to bring her along, fully understanding what it is like to be a parent and work at the same time.

Being a WAHM is something that I am proud of and I know Megan appreciates having much more time with mommy than if I was out in the workforce.

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