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Sitters Unlimited Book of Crafts, Games & Activities

We give the following book out to all of our sitters. Recently we've had several parents ask us about this little book so we decided to make it available to to anyone who wants it. So enjoy!



On this page you'll find the following crafts:
Glimmer Paints

Beautiful Butterflies

Secret Pictures

Bread Art

Crystal Rock Garden

Lifesaver "Glass"

Foil Family

Bubble Blower

Crazy Paint


Doll House



Children's Binoculars

Paint circles

Humming Flute

Indian Bead Bracelets

Shrink Art

Sandwich Shapes

Paper Beads

clay recipes

On this page you'll find the following clay recipes:

Kool-Aid Clay

Oatmeal Clay

Applesauce Clay

Baked Flour Clay

Salt Dough

Play Clay

Article Index
Kid Safety
Contact Us

games & activities

On this page you'll find the following activities:

Table Top Hockey

Sponge Tag

The Unbudgeable Bag


Bubble Blower

Indoor Soccer

Indoor Volleyball

Treasure Bottle

Flying Dove

Balloon Golf or Hockey

Paper Scavenger Hunt

Finish the Picture

Brainstorm Stories

Treasure Hunt

Exploding Rainbow

Mouse Pad Card Holder

Balloon Stomp

The Story After

Bottle Race

Sketch Comedy

slime recipes

On this page you'll find the following slime recipes:





Silly Putty

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